There are many ways you can help Camp Wapiyapi.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and give in different ways. Some are medical professionals or will be in the future. Others want nothing to do with a stethoscope, but are talented with a basketball or a paintbrush, have the gift of listening, or know just the right moment to give a hug. We all have something special to give.

Camp Wapiyapi could not do what it does without nearly 360 dedicated volunteers who donate 15,000 hours each year.

Take a look at some of the ways you might be able to support us. These kids are amazing and any help you can give them, makes a huge difference in their lives.

Host a fundraiser

Host a cocktail party, a bake sale or a 5K run! Since these children attend camp for free, fundraising is a big part of what do. It ensures these kids and their parents have the best experience possible. We are open to any ideas you have to raise money. We realize fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes and any donation is invaluable to Wapiyapi.

Got an idea and you are ready to help? Then, please fill out our Volunteer Application and return it to This form is only for those volunteering locally.

Volunteer Locally

When people think about volunteering for Camp Wapiyapi, they think of our summer counselors. But there are other volunteer options that don’t involve attending camp. We are always looking for people to serve on one of our many operating committees (such as marketing, finance, or on the board of directors). There are also numerous one-off opportunities like helping us load our truck with camp supplies, setting up our booth at a local event or providing office assistance.

If this type of volunteering is more your speed, then please fill out our Denver Volunteer Application and return it to This form is only for those volunteering locally.

Volunteer at Camp Wapiyapi

Being a companion or a member of our medical staff at Camp Wapiyapi is a special thing. Be prepared to have your life changed for the better.

As a companion, you will be paired with a camper between the age of 6 and 14, and you will give them one-on-one attention for the entire camp. Be prepared to fly down a zip line, have water gun fights, climb the high and low-ropes course challenges, participate in the talent show, dance, and more – all in a unique Camp Wapiyapi way. Everything is about having fun, acting like a kid, and being silly.

We also accept applications from medical professionals looking to volunteer at Camp Wapiyapi. These positions fill up quickly, usually by pediatric oncology nurses that know the families of the children attending, but we are always looking for more help. These kids are worth it.

It will be the best week you’ll ever have.

Buy supplies for Camp Wapiyapi from

If you want to help but don’t have the time, you can go to our Amazon Wish List and help us purchase all kinds of supplies for camp.

These items are purchased online and delivered by Amazon directly to Camp Wapiyapi. So easy, and, yet, so wonderful. A lot of these supplies are for the campers arts and crafts activities. Remember how much fun it was to make a tie dye shirt or that one-of-a-kind camp bracelet?

Make a Donation

This is the most important aspect of Camp Wapiyapi. These amazing kids and their siblings can’t attend unless we meet our fundraising goals. Be one of the wonderfully, caring people that helps us give so much joy to these children whose lives are overwhelmed with the enormity of cancer.

Please help.