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Ready to have the best summer ever?
We thought so.

Camp Wapiyapi’s summer counselors have varied interests and backgrounds. And they each give in in their own special, unique way. Some counselors are in the medical profession or plan to be. Others don’t want anything to do with a stethoscope, but are talented with a basketball or a paintbrush, have the gift of listening, or know just the right moment to give a hug.

Being a summer counselor is a one-of-a-kind experience. You will never forget the impact you made on a young person’s life. You will also have the time of your life.

If you are a doctor or a nurse and you would like to volunteer your time as a part of our medical staff, you will go through the same process as a summer counselor. In years past, these volunteer positions tend to fill quickly with pediatric oncology nurses that the families know and trust.

Steps to being a Camp Wapiyapi Summer Companion:


  1. You must be 18 years old to apply! This is an absolute rule.
  2. Go to and set up an account. Summer Camp Breeze handles all Camp Wapiyapi’s volunteer and camper applications.
  3. Download the required forms and upload them by April 15th. If you miss the deadline, you will not be considered for a position. So please mark your calendars.
  4. Participate in an interview (all new applications must be interviewed with in person or via Skype)
  5. Participate in a background check
  6. Attend a full day of training the day before camp starts
  7. Commit to attending at least one full five-day session of camp
  8. There will be a $5 payment on PayPal for administrative processing cost.

List of required forms you will need to upload to Summer Camp Breeze:

If you are having trouble using Summer Camp Breeze, please contact them at

Please click here for frequently asked questions about volunteering at camp.

Full-Time Volunteer Positions at Camp Wapiyapi:

Cabin Manager – reports to Assistant Director

Position Purpose: Provides infrastructural and logistical support to two teams per cabin; including overseeing the safety, health, and emotional well-being of campers and respective volunteers in the cabin, as well as adherence to camp rules and goals.

Photographer – reports to Craft Shack Team Leader

Position Purpose: Captures the joy and essence of camp for every camper in photography for the end of camp slide show, as well as for organizational marketing materials.

Companion – reports to Team Leader

Position Purpose: Tailors their camper’s experience to meet their individual needs as a full-time companion during the session to assure an exceptional camp experience and ‘The Best Week of the Year.’

The purpose of each role is to provide every camper, regardless of disability, with an exceptional camp experience.

Part-Time Volunteer Positions

Job: Part-Time Volunteer
Reports to: Assistant Director
Position Purpose: Provides much needed support in camp logistics.

Come up to camp for a shift during the day or evening to help set up, facilitate, and clean up an activity OR share a talent with the campers. Some activities include martial arts, anatomy lessons, stand-up comedy, music, and more. Fill out the part-time volunteer application on this page. You can not register for this job on Summer Camp Breeze. So if you are interested in helping part time, then please fill out this form and return to