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Check Payment

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Send the check to the next Address:

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(Please mention in the check for which cause you donate).

Host a fabulous event for a fabulous cause.

Hold a bake sale, host a cocktail party or organize a race. Anything you are passionate about can become an event to raise funds for Camp Wapiyapi! Help us by hosting your own fundraiser or by supporting a local event. Learn how to create your own online fundraising page, too.
Start a Fundraiser
In 2010, a former camp staff member and board member, Anna Hansen, wanted to organize a bike ride that would benefit Camp Wapiyapi. Cycling for Wapiyapi, which originates in Aspen, was a huge success and has became a yearly event. Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie participate in the ride every year. Anna’s vision became a fabulous reality. Yours can too.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

    1. Have a Garage Sale – Try to get a bunch of people together to do this one. And advertise! Most neighbors have local websites, like, that you use to notify neighbors.

    2. Hold a Bake Sale – Multiple sites say you should consider specializing in one particular baked good like brownies. Then make a bunch of different kids of brownies. Also give it a cute name so people know that they are helping Wapiyapi when they buy that brownie. It is also important to find a place with awesome foot traffic. Again, advertise anywhere you can.

    3. Host a Haunted House – This is a really interesting idea. Some party stores or parents might donate the items of the haunted house. Get friends to dress up ghosts or goblins. Charge a small entrance fee to go through the haunted house.

Have an idea and you are ready to run with it? We are here to support you. Call, email or send a carrier pigeon. We want to hear from you.

Just fill out our volunteer form and let’s get busy.

The Volunteer Form is for those wanting to volunteer in the Denver office or those who want to host a fundraiser for Camp Wapiyapi. If you want to be a summer volunteers at camp, go to to apply.