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Check Payment

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Send the check to the next Address:

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You can buy arts & crafts supplies for camp!

If you don’t have time to donate, you can support Camp Wapiyapi by purchasing items from our Wapiyapi Amazon Wish List which include necessary items for camp. It is a great way to help the campers directly.


Go to our Wapiyapi Wish List or email us at to arrange delivery of the items. If you purchase items off our list on Amazon they will handle delivering the items. Thank you for supporting us and our campers. These supplies are an important part of the camp experience.

A sample of our requested items:

  • Soda ash, 10 lbs. $9.00 (Tie Dye materials)
    Synthrapol detergent, 32 oz. $6.50 (Tie Dye materials)
  • Blickrylic paint – bright red, blockout white, Gesso –
  • Bright Light BBOP balls – buddy bounce outdoor play balls
  • Tattoo assortment
  • Items in team colors – blue, red, purple, yellow, green, orange
  • Food coloring (for face paint), 3 in each team color
  • Plastic bead necklaces, 30 in each team color