So you are registered for camp. Now what?

First of all, you need to prepare yourself for a lot of fun. And we mean LOTS of fun. You also will make lots of friends, try a bunch new things and realize you are cooler than you thought you were. You are awesome.

Packing List

All items must be clearly labeled with the child’s first and last name. PLEASE label all of your child’s clothing and gear.

Remember that your child will be at camp, not in a dorm or hotel. You should expect your child to rough it a bit and to be a little sweatier, dirtier than usual. Feel free to add a few of your child’s favorite items to the list, but space is limited so be mindful.

Also, don’t worry if you can’t get some of the non-essential items for various activities. Team leaders will have strategic reserves of some of these items. Conversely, if you have extra items, please bring them to lend or share.

View and download the packing list to your computer.

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Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Drop off is on Sunday between 12pm and 2pm

Pick up is on Saturday between 3pm and 5pm

A few days before you are scheduled to drop off your camper or pick them up, you will receive an email from Camp Wapiyapi with detailed instructions and directions.

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Photos from Camp

When we get a break from the non-stop fun, we try to upload photos to our camp photos page. Here we break it down by session and we will do our best to upload photos every day. We know how important it is to be able to see that smile on your child’s face. We get it.

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How to communicate with my camper

We ask that parents do not send mail or care packages to their campers. We know this can be hard for parents, but it allows the kids to focus on each other and all the fun that camp has to offer. They are only at camp for one week. We want them to have all special experiences they can during that short time.

If you need to reach the Camp Director, please do not hesitate to call at XXXXXXXXX. This is the main number and will be the best way to reach someone at camp starting a few days before session one starts. Prior to that, please call our denver office at 303-534-0883.

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Medical care

Camp Wapiyapi has one doctor and two nurses on site 24 hours a day for the entire session of camp to care for the campers. If your camper is there, our medical team is there. Day and night.

There is a nurse’s cabin stocked with basic first aid, as well as more simple oncology needs (kids with a port can attend). Most of the patients are in between their treatments, but oral chemo CAN be administered. The medical staff assures that every child is receiving all of their prescribed medications as instructed. The Estes Medical Center is nearby for any emergencies outside the scope of the facility at camp.

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